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When Nationwide Hire receives your online reservation, we will acknowledge receipt of the booking by email.  Please ensure that all information on the booking is submitted correctly including contact telephone numbers.

Once you have received the email, we will confirm the booking. This can take up to 24 hours. For last minute bookings please contact the office for confirmation as this can take up to 4 working hours to be confirmed.

Should you not receive any emails please call us on Freephone 0808 1683 999 quoting your booking reservation number.

When booking, we will require Customers to provide us with their Driving Licence Number, the postcode on their Licence and their National Insurance number so we can obtain a Share Code from the DVLA Website. If you would prefer to supply your own share code you can do so here www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence . We will also require a photograph of your Licence be emailed to us at License@nationwidehireuk.co.uk . You must be able to provide us with a share code so successfully we can check your Licence, failure to do so will result in a cancellation of the hire.

Driver information fair processing declaration. 

By making a booking visitors to the website understand that Nationwide Hire 4 U Ltd will ask DVLA for driver information as and when they require confirmation that you as the driver are legally entitled to drive the vehicle/s you have requested to hire and that DVLA will disclose to the Nationwide Hire 4 U Ltd all relevant information held in the computerised register of drivers maintained by DVLA.

This includes personal details driving entitlements valid endorsements and disqualifications if relevant and photo images this declaration will expire when you stop driving in connection with the company or in any case three years from the date of your first online booking.


Deliveries of vehicles are available between the hours of 0830 – 1800 Monday – Friday and Saturday deliveries from 0830– 1200 only. No deliveries are available on a Sunday.

Early morning deliveries will be delivered from 0830 to 0900am. In some instances, the branch may request to pre-deliver the vehicle to ensure it will be ready for the requested time of hire.

We endeavour to supply your requested vehicle at your specified time of delivery, however in extreme circumstances this may not always be possible, in which case you will be offered the option to collect the vehicle from the branch. You do not have to accept this option and should this not be possible no charges will be levied against the hire should you decline the collect from branch. If you select and agree this option to collect, then after confirmation you decide to cancel then the cancellation charge will apply.

The main driver of the vehicle usually should be present upon delivery and collection to sign for the vehicle at the requested time of delivery, however, on some occasions if you are not at home, we will post the keys through the letterbox so please make sure you provide us with the correct address at the time of booking. Note that unacceptable delivery/collection locations would be; empty properties that you are not registered to, i.e.a house you are intending on buying but have not purchased yet, train stations, airports, ferry ports, or any other port. In such circumstances where a port/station delivery was required we would offer you to collect the vehicle from the nearest branch.


If you wish to rent a minibus with over 9 seats, you must present a D1 entitlement category on your licence. Should you not have a D1 on your licence then the largest people carrier you can drive will be a 9 seater, including the driver seat. However, on some occasions, the branch is able to offer a “Lite Bus” which is a 12/15 or 17 Seater which weighs under 3.5 tonne and therefore does not require you to have a D1 Licence. These Lite Busses are subject to availability.

In some circumstances, as long as a D1 is present on your licence or if the supplying branch can offer a “Lite Bus”, a 17 seater vehicle maybe supplied in replacement of a 12 or 15 seater Vehicle – this will be a free upgrade in most cases.

The entitlement required for a 7.5 Tonne Truck is a C1 category on your licence. For commercial/Business use the customer requires a valid operator’s licence where applicable and depending on required use, their own Business Insurance. Depending on vehicle use you may also need a CPC.


If Nationwide attempt to deliver or collect the specified vehicle at the agreed date and time and are unable to, an abortive charge may be applied. Abortive charges may also be applied if a vehicle delivery or collection is cancelled on route. The charges are roughly £35+VAT but may differ if the branch is travelling further distances to get to you, or if the vehicle is a specialist vehicle.


The branch will request a deposit from you before the vehicle can be released on hire. This deposit will be refunded upon safe return of the vehicle subject to replenished fuel and no additional charges relating to the hire. The standard deposit is £250 but in some circumstances, this can be higher depending. (a £500 deposit will required for most 7.5t vehicles) Should the branch request a higher deposit you will be contacted in advance.

Nationwide Hire UK offer a no deposit policy for the majority of the UK. Certain areas and vehicles are excluded, these include but are not limited to the North east of England, London and any overseas hire. If in any doubt, please call our team on 0808 1683 999 who will be happy to advise.


All drivers must be between the age of 23 and 70 for all rental vehicles and must have at least 2 years of driving experience. If you wish to rent a minibus with 15 seats or over, you must present a D1 entitlement category on your licence. Should you not have a D1 on your licence then the largest people carrier you can driver will be a 9 seats.

We cannot hire a vehicle to anyone who has had an IN10, DR10 or any other disqualification within the last 10 years

When hiring a 7.5Tonne Truck its mandatory the driver must also have the correct entitlement needed which is a C1 category on your licence. Vehicles may be supplied outside of the above criteria at the supplier’s discretion. In any event, all drivers must comply with the supply locations qualifications.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that valid Operator’s licences are in place where applicable.

It is the hirers responsibility to make sure their drivers are eligible to drive, if we cannot hire due to disqualifications we will charge a £35+VAT administration fee.


If your business would like to insure the vehicle then we must obtain a copy of the company’s insurance certificate in advance. The insurance provided must be fully comprehensive and will be held on our file. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle supplied is then registered on the Motor Insurance Database for the duration of hire.


Unless otherwise requested all our vehicles up to and including 7.5T will be fully insured for the named drivers on the booking. Exclusions to the policy will be Overhead height damage, tyre damage, windscreen damage, and flood damage. 18T, 26T and 44T Tractor Units must be insured by the customer and customers must have an operators license. We must obtain a copy of the driver’s licence both parts before the vehicle can be delivered. Any points or convictions can affect the insurance entitlement, so it is imperative that they should be declared upon booking. Failure to declare any points or convictions could make the insurance invalid. We cannot insure or hire to couriers. Couriers renting without disclosing the true usage will be exempt from any offers (advertised or otherwise) or insurances.


All supplied vehicles will be subject to an excess in the event of accident or damage to the vehicle. Damage Excess is £1200 for Standard Cars, and Vans. Damage Excess is £2400 on all Prestige Cars, Minibuses, 7.5 Tonne vehicle and above. In the event of your vehicle being involved in an accident or damage has been caused otherwise then you must contact Nationwide Hire immediately by phone and also in writing. You have the option to purchase a Collision Damage Waiver which would reduce the above excess charge to £600 (for standard cars and vans 3.5T or under) in the event of accident of damage on all vehicles. Please note that goods in transit are not covered by the insurance supplied. Exclusions to collision damage waiver are any overhead height damage to any of our vehicles, tyre damage or punctures, glass damage costs, or driving without due care and attention, negligence and dangerous driving in any of our vehicles. All costs incurred by us will be passed onto the customer and charged directly to the credit or debit card that was used when the booking was placed.

Whenever Nationwide are notified a vehicle has been damaged, the excess charge will be held until we can obtain the full damage costs. If the costs to repair are less than the amount we have held you will be refunded the difference. A £55.00 + VAT Admin Charge is usually applied to any Damage Charges.

Please note that any Heavy goods vehicles supplied i.e. 7.5 Tonne Trucks are not supplied with a spare tyre or Jacks. The reason for this is that it is not possible for this type of vehicle to have a tyre changed by an untrained person and the vehicle has to be jacked up by specialised lifting gear. So, if a vehicle of this type is on hire to any of our customers and a puncture occurs, then, it will be the customers’ responsibility to locate a professional tyre replacement company and pay the cost required to replace the damaged tyre. This is also applies if a puncture occurs overseas. Nationwide Hire will not pay any incurred costs relating to this situation or to any theft of any parts on our hired vehicles.


Any additional 4 drivers are permitted to drive the rental vehicle requested making a total of 5 drivers. The charges for any required additional drivers are £12+VAT Per day plus vat for any of the vehicles we supply. We must obtain a copy of the licence in advance.


We will always endeavour to supply the specific vehicle you have booked, however, in extreme circumstances or in peak season, this may not always be possible, in which case, you will be offered the option of an alternative or similar vehicle. You do not have to accept this option, and should this not accepted, a full refund will be given.

Please be advised, all sizes quoted on the website are approximate and cannot be guaranteed

    Specific Makes and Model
    Specific Colours of vehicles
    We cannot always guarantee the vehicle will have Aircon – especially in peak season
    Tow bars
    Tail Lifts


Fuel needs to be replaced to the levels of the rental agreement which is given upon delivery. Essentially fuel is like for like, i.e. if the vehicle is delivered with a full tank then you would return it with a full tank.

If fuel is not replaced to the correct levels the branch will charge £2.75 plus vat per litre to replace the fuel used. If fuel has to be replenished then is a minimum of charge of 1/8.

In some cases we may have to charge an administrative fee of £35+VAT to administer fuel charges.


Please be advised, should you receive a fuel charge due to the levels of fuel not being the same as per your rental agreement and you wish to dispute, please provide proof of fuel purchased and respond to the email notification advising you of the charge and a full dispute will be raised.

PLEASE NOTE- we allow 28 working days to process all fuel disputes.


Some of our vehicles now use AdBlue (This is marked on your rental agreement alongside the fuel type).

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is used to reduce NOx emissions in vehicles. AdBlue converts harmful NOx from your diesel vehicle exhaust into harmless nitrogen and steam, therefore considerably reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) that are a major source of atmospheric pollution.

Where can I buy AdBlue?

You can buy AdBlue from numerous fuel forecourts across the UK & Europe or from suppliers of vehicle parts i.e. Halfords, Kwikfit, main dealerships, etc.

We will keep the vehicle topped up, but it is the driver’s responsibility to check Adblue levels while in use. An empty Adblue tank means the vehicle won’t run and an expensive recovery bill.


If you have a vehicle already on hire with us and wish to keep it longer, please send an email to customerservice@nationwidehireuk.co.uk advising your new extension date. All requests for extensions must be in writing. Please supply your reservation number in all correspondence. Please make sure your requests for an extension are before the off hire date and within working hours. If we are notified to late you maybe charged a minimum of £35.00 + VAT charge for an aborted collection. We will endeavor to accept extensions unless the vehicle is going out to another customer, in which case we may have to reject your extension.



During May to Sept vehicles with more than 5 seats are not cancellable. This is peak season, demand is exceptionally high and we have reserved the vehicles for you, we cannot accept any cancellations on these vehicles during the peak season.


Should you request to cancel your reservation you will be subject to a cancellation fee of £35+ VAT. If you cancel your reservation with 72hrs of the hire to commence then no refund will be refunded, and the full cost of hire still applies.

Same day bookings – should you wish to cancel a booking made the same day 100% costs will apply and no refund will be given. If branch level costs have been incurred for specialist hires, i.e. one-way rentals or European hires, cancellation charges will be at cost + administration fees.

If you wish to cancel a booking you will need email the request in writing and send to customerservice@nationwidehireuk.co.uk. We cannot guarantee a vehicle will be cancelled completely if we do not have it in writing.

Zero tolerance on abusive customers - we reserve the right to cancel any bookings where the customer has been abusive to any members of our team.


Should you wish to make any changes to the booking ie. Address or vehicle etc, there will be a usually be a £35.00 + VAT admin charge. It is the customers responsibility to check all details provided at the time of booking are correct. All amendments must be emails customerservices@nationwidehireuk.co.uk for us to amend them – they cannot be amended via a phone call. Note that if costs have already been incurred for specialist hires i.e. one-way rentals or European hires, amendments charges will be at cost + administration fees.


It is the hirer’s responsibility, to pay all London congestion charges, parking and speeding fines - or any fines. If the vehicle has to travel through a congestion charge zone for us to deliver or collect the vehicle then the customer is liable for the charge. If our company receive notification of an unpaid fine, then we will charge the amount of the fine plus a £35.00 + VAT admin charge to the card used upon booking. On some occasions you may be charged 2 Admin Fee’s – from Nationwide Hire and also from the supplying depot. Please make sure all fines are paid by the hirer to avoid any added charges.


In the event of the rental vehicle’s keys being mislaid, lost, or stolen, then our company will charge for the courier charges to deliver the spare keys plus the total cost to replace the missing keys and reprogramming of central locking key fob if required. We may need to replace the full lock set in the Vehicle for security reasons.

A charge of £300.00 + VAT will be applied to your account.


Please note that we have the right to refuse to provide a vehicle to any customer who is, in our opinion, unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements. In such circumstances your contract with us will terminate immediately. On some occasions we will request 2 forms of ID showing proof of address.


Every effort is made to supply the model of the rental vehicle of your choice. However, there may be occasions that a substitute vehicle of the same size and specification may well be supplied in place of the requested vehicle due to lack of availability. In addition, we cannot guarantee a specific colour of vehicle.


EARLY RETURNS - Please note that we will not issue any refunds should you return the rental vehicle supplied before the pre-arranged termination time and date.

FUNDS HELD BOOKINGS - If you have funds held with us from a previous booking, these will expire 18 months from the original transaction date. 


We allow our rental vehicles to be taken abroad to EEC members and European insurance cover is supplied when this is requested. This also includes Ireland and Northern Ireland. All vehicles are covered by AA/RAC roadside assistance and recovery service. Under no circumstances will we allow any of our rental vehicles be taken abroad without our prior consent. All customers will be required to leave a deposit before the vehicle leaves. Check the DVLA web for full details also tacho cards will be required for buses and trucks. If you do not advise us the vehicle is going overseas you can be subject to costs of up to £1000+VAT for Emergency Overseas Cover.

Please note we do not supply maps, high visibility jackets, triangles or headlight converters for your journey and you must purchase these at your own cost.


The customer is responsible for the hired vehicle up until the time of collection, which means any parking fines, clamping, storage or towing charges / impound fees will be charged to the customer. There is up to a 3 working day window as to when this will be collected, although if branches are unable to collect vehicles within this period, you are responsible for the vehicle until the branch has collected it. The working hours for collections are between 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 1pm Saturdays. Please note  – No vehicles are delivered or collected on a Sunday, in which case, any hires finishing over the weekend the working hours start from 0800 on Monday Morning. If a delivery driver informs you of a collection time, please be advised this cannot be 100% guaranteed, the period of liability still stands, and if it is essential to know an estimated collection time you should contact the branch directly. If you have parking restrictions or other issues with the collection window then please call us for further advise.

If you are not going to be at home when the vehicle is due to be collected, please email customerservice@nationwidehireuk.co.uk with a key location. The key can be left in a safe location away from the vehicle, but we will need to be advised by email, so this information can be passed to the supplying depot.

If collecting from branch customers must bring their driving Licence, 2 utility bills and the payment credit/debit card.


Couriers/Delivery service providers; pricing for hires to your industry is not available online. Online rates are not valid. Price on application only. Call us for further information. Must receive written authorisation from us for these uses.


One way hires are to and from UK mainland postcodes only


When booking a vehicle online we reserve the right to change your vehicle pickup to the nearest available location if the branch you selected does not have availability. Should you reject the ’change of branch’, we can offer a Delivery & Collection service to your home or office at cost. If this is not acceptable for you no charges will be levied.

All vehicle sizes on our website are approximate.

Continuous Payments

By contracting with Nationwide Hire 4 U you are agreeing that it has the right to take additional payments where the following situation occur:

    Any fine applicable to the hire by any entity that has the right under UK law to enforce such.
    Any fuel charges for reinstating the fuel tank to a previously agreed level at the point of vehicle return.
    Any incidental vehicle damage, that is damage not covered by insurance, up to excess limit.
    Extension of vehicle hire will be charged at the same rate as the initial hire.


When hiring any Car, we will require the following forms of I.D

  •     2 proofs of address from the last 3 months – ie Bank Statement, Council Tax Bill, Water Bill
  •     Photographic Proof of the card you have paid on

 Also, the vehicle will be delivered to the same address as the one on your Driving Licence.


It is essential that you do not leave the keys in the car whilst you are not driving the vehicle. If the vehicle is stolen as a result of customer negligence the insurance is void and you are liable for the full value of the vehicle. Once your rental has ended do not leave the keys inside the vehicle under any circumstances. If the vehicle is stolen without the keys you will be liable for your theft excess which is as follows: Cars & Vans £1000+VAT, Minibuses & Trucks £2000+VAT


Nationwide do not provide any equipment with our vehicles, i.e. high viz jackets and European kits needed for European rules and regulations, these are to be supplied by the hirer- This also covers tyres we do not supply winter or all seasons tyres. Our vehicles will be supplied with full road legal tyres, But should special tires be needed for your intended use – these must be purchased by the hirer and the tires replaced at the end of hire with the originals.


We will require full details of your licence to enable us to provide the delivery and collection and also supply Insurance coverage on the vehicle requested. We require you to email your pink photo card licence to us in advance of the hire with your rental reservation number to – licence@nationwidehireuk.co.uk

From 8th June 2015 – the paper counterpart to the photo card driving licence will not be valid and will no longer be issued by DVLA. The counterpart was introduced to display driving licence details that could not be included on the photo card. These details include some vehicle categories you are entitled to drive and any endorsement/penalty points.


to view and share your licence information please click the following link.



If the renter defaults on any payments we reserve the rights to:
- Repossess the vehicle
- Share customer information with;
- repossession agents
- banks and financial institutions that have a registered HPI interest in the vehicle
- police, councils and other authorities
- seek outstanding funds from named drivers
- seek outstanding funds from companies used in connection with this or other related hires
- people/representatives at delivery/collection address
- should any company fail to settle outstanding invoices we reserve the right to hold directors and/or named drivers personally liable

If the renter defaults on any payments, named drivers and/or connected companies will be required to settle any outstanding debts.

Excessive Wear Policy

If you operate the vehicle in extreme conditions, such as on tarmacking sites where tyres are on hot surfaces, they will wear prematurely and we will have to pass on the costs. Any other premature wearing or excessive wearing may be charged, such as vehicle abuse and short high mileage European rentals where by mileage usage exceeds 200 miles per day. If the rental spans more than 28 days please be advised mileage restrictions will apply, generally 2800 miles per 28 day period. Couriers are strictly prohibited from booking vehicles through us, we cannot insure them nor can we cover their usage.

Company Hires - Mileage Terms

Company rentals are limited to 2800 miles per 28 days or pro-rata if you hire for more or less days. We can arrange mileage terms in advance if you are doing more miles than this during your hire period. Costs are £0.15-0.25ppm depending on vehicle, ask us for exact costs if you are doing high mileage.

What information do we collect?

We collect information from you when you fill out a form. When ordering or registering on our site, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your: name or e-mail address, address, telephone number, and payment information. You may, however, visit our site anonymously.

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What do we use your information for?

Any of the information we collect from you may be used in one of the following ways:

    To improve customer service (your information helps us to more effectively respond to your customer service requests and support needs)
    To process transactions

Your information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company for any reason whatsoever, without your consent, other than for the express purpose of delivering the purchased product or service requested.

How do we protect your information?

We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information when you place an order or access your personal information.

Do we use cookies?

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Do we disclose any information to outside parties?

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential. We may also release your information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect ours or others rights, property, or safety. However, non-personally identifiable visitor information may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses.

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Changes to our Privacy Policy

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This policy was last modified on 25th February 2022

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below.

Nationwide Hire 4U Ltd
The Warren Estate Business Center,
Writtle, Chelmsford, CM1 3WT

Telephone 01923 897 474


Nationwide acts solely as a vehicle hire broker for various independent vehicle rental companies. Clients should note that the contract for vehicle hire is between the hirer and the Supply company. Nationwide hire UK accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage, injury or death, whether arising from negligence, breach of contract or any other cause. Nationwide Hire UK deny any liability for suppliers not fulfilling the contract.


Our company is confident, that the service we offer to all of our customers will be of the highest standard and that your rental vehicle supplied will be very satisfactory. However, should you wish to lodge a complaint, then this must be submitted via e-mail within 28 days from the commencement day of your rental vehicle being supplied. Please email: customerservice@nationwidehireuk.co.uk

On receipt of your e-mailed complaint we will then investigate and respond within 28 days. Please note, that any complaint received later than the 28 days, cannot be accepted.


These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute arising under these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.