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Campervan FAQ

Campervan FAQ

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On our social media and website, we’re spreading the word – we’ve got a brand new fleet of VW camper vans ready to hire this summer (and beyond). Each month, we’re posting about the campers and what to expect when you hire one – whether it’s a tour of the inside, types of trips or today’s topic, frequently asked questions. 

Here are a few common questions we get asked about hiring a VW camper van – and all the answers you’ll need, too.

Why hire a VW camper van?

We won’t just give you one reason – we’ll give you five:

  • Low-cost, big-reward holidays in the UK and Europe

  • A way to see more of nature and the countryside

  • Unique staying and entertaining space 

  • Ideal for groups and solo travel (plus, you can take your pets with you)

  • Packed with amenities, including a fridge and gas hob

Do I need a specific licence for a VW camper van?

Drivers need a regular licence (no points or disqualifications) and must be aged between 25-70.

Can I take my kids in the camper van?

Absolutely! In fact, we’d encourage it. Some of the most memorable holidays for children are seaside stays and camping trips, and whether you choose to sleep in the van or take a tent along with you, you’ll find it a versatile way to travel. 

Can I take my pets in the camper van?

Yes, we allow clean and well-behaved dogs to travel with you. 

Can I cook in the camper?

Yes. There’s a double-ring gas hob complete with stovetop kettle, and we’ve also thrown in some extras – including a frying pan, utensils, and both plates and crockery for five people. 

Does the camper come with a toilet or shower?

Our campers are built for compact travel and are ideal for places like campsites (which often have their own facilities). This means there’s more space for you and your travellers, and no need to dispose of any waste or water tanks. Of course, the kitchen features a fully-functional sink, so you’ll have the use of running water for drinking, washing your hands and – sadly – washing the dishes!

How safe is a camper van?

It’s just as safe as a car, so no need to worry if you need to leave the camper van for short periods (locked, of course). As for risks from things like cooking, we’ve included a fire extinguisher in the back of the van, just in case. Finally, we’ve included a spare tyre in case of punctures or potholes. 

Can you tow a car with the camper van?

Unfortunately, our campers don’t have tow bars. 

Can I take the camper van abroad?

Yes, our VW camper vans can be taken to Europe (subject to a surcharge and relevant insurance).

Are there sockets and charging points in the camper?

Yes, all our VW camper vans for hire come with outlets for using/charging electrical devices. There’s also a handy solar panel included in the back of the van. 

Are your VW camper vans electric?

Our VW campers are diesel and automatic. 

Do I need different insurance for a camper van?

At Nationwide, we insure the vehicles for you, so providing you’re licenced and within the age limits, you’ll be ready to go!

Do you deliver your VW camper vans?

All our campers are on-site at our London branch, so we ask that customers collect and return them there. But, in the future, we may offer this service.

Do I have to pay tolls and chargers for driving a camper?

It depends when and where you’re travelling to – so we’d always advise checking before you hire. Also, please be aware that camper vans are fairly tall and some locations might have height restrictions (for example, airport parking or driving under bridges).

Do you have any advice for driving a VW camper van?

Of course! Firstly, bear in mind you’re probably driving a much larger vehicle than you’re used to – so may need to go more slowly, especially around corners (although you’ll be pleased to hear there aren’t any speed restrictions specifically for campers, excluding other kinds which tow). It’s also a good idea to have someone help you reverse, particularly if you’re backing into a small or awkward space. And finally, watch for overhangs and hedges when you drive.

How do I book a VW camper van?

It couldn’t be easier! Simply call our dedicated phone number and enquire today: 0203 340 0460. Then, visit our London branch for collection and drop-off. And if you’re still deciding about whether a VW camper van is right for you, check out our blog for more camper inspiration.

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