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Where to Show Off Your Sports Car Rental

Thanks to shows like Top Gear, most of us would love to slink off in our own sports car for the weekend. Now, it’s entirely possible thanks to a luxurious yet affordable sports car rental range from Nationwide Hire. So where should you cruise off to once behind the wheel? Read on for our list of some of Britain’s most scenic drives, routes and locations.

The Cliffs of Cornwall

If you haven’t been caught up in the stunning scenery, spectacular costumes and swoon-worthy cast of Poldark you’ve clearly been living under a rock. The BBC remake has done wonders for the Cornwall tourism industry, with shots of its amazing coastline captivating viewers across the globe. A cruise through the Cornish countryside in your shiny sports car is the perfect way to experience your slice of England’s striking south. The quintessential summer road trip!

The Isle of Skye

Rugged and unforgiving, the Isle of Skye is one of the UK’s most beautiful destinations. The roads weave around glittering lochs, jagged peaks, towering cliffs and sprawling landscapes that crystallise the isle’s reputation as one of the most mesmerising places on the planet.

The lovely Lake District

What better place to show off your luxury sports car rental than in the charming Lake District. Spend the morning skirting around the glacial ribbon lakes, head to one of the picturesque market towns for a hearty pub lunch, then spend the afternoon exploring the majestic fell mountains. All from the comfort of a seriously suave set of wheels!

The City of London

If it’s the buzz and energy of a big city that you’re after, make a beeline for London. You may encounter unbearable traffic but there really is nothing quite as exciting as speeding over Tower Bridge, cruising past the Houses of Parliament and giving the Queen a wave as you spin past Buckingham Palace.

Beautiful Black Mountain Road

For Wales bound drivers the remote Black Mountain Road is an absolute must. The five mile stretch cuts through the heart of Powys and boasts breath-taking scenery every step of the way. Be sure to belt up as you take on the steep climbs, dips and twists and turns of the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park.

The Northumberland Coast

The charming towns, winding roads and natural beauty of Northumberland’s coastal region are the stuff that great British postcards are made of. Explore ancient castles, stroll along sandy beaches, coast through rugged moorlands and sample local produce at the many market towns. Perfect for a weekend getaway!