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The Volkswagen Camper Van has changed with the advent of the T6 Generation.

So you might yearn or even perhaps want to relive the days of your youth when you drove a T1 or a T2 Volkswagen Campervan, maybe you even had one with the pop up roof, so you could sleep four.

To own one, a T2 which is the biggest selling VW transporter of them all would be a joy ( need a garage though, but spares are plentiful)

The last VW Camper vans were last made under license in Brazil in 2013.

In the absence of time, money and motivation to invest in a VW Bay, but you still want to get away from it all, then there are worse things you could do than hire a T6.
This is the latest generation of the Volkswagen Camper van, which does, despite a lack of nostalgia, have a few benefits over the old T2 VW Bays.

The engine is not in the back for a start!

The T6 Volkswagen 2.0 litre Campervan available for hire

Some travelling tips

Are we there yet?

Campervans offer the perfect opportunity to explore the many wonderful sights and experiences in the UK and abroad.

But what should you prepare for?

You have the option to have a planned travel itinerary with identified locations for stay overs or to utilise the versatility of the Volkswagen campervan which can fit any standard parking space.

If it's the former, then book your campsites according to your itinerary as soon as you can.

If you are more of a free spirit with no firm agenda, then you might find this website Park4night, for stopping points in the UK and abroad particularly useful and one which you can give your unique "campers" perspective on locations, ranging from a cliff-top lay-by overlooking the sea or a campsite welcoming campervans in Barcelona with comments such as:

  • Campervan/camping only (no caravans). quiet, located just above Whitby. Would call ahead.
  • Outside water tap available to fill up water tank. Only one we found in the area
  • Large parking lot with public toilets and toilet disposal
  • Laundry nice and clean friendly staff parking 24 hours £9
  • At night you can hear some traffic but not to much to have a good night of sleep.
  • Up to 7 m vehicle should be ok.

Maybe not Monopoly, but a couple of packs of good of card games (Uno is great!) might be an alternative to Candy Crush Saga or Call of Duty.

It's the little things
I'm just popping to the shower block!
Have a plastic / waterproof bag with all your bits and bobs in that you can hang on the single hook on the back of the shower changing room door.
Don’t forget your flip flops, keep your regular footwear nice and dry in the campervan.

Power up.

The campervan leisure battery keeps the fridge, interior lights, USB and mains sockets working.
In addition to this you have the drivers sockets available for when the engine is running and you have the Solar roof panel contribution as well.

In addition you have the heater powered by diesel fuel that will keep you toasty and warm. 

Having said that, and bearing in mind that  you might take your microwave, kettle and super dupa (I can't leave home without it) bean to cup coffee percolator then having the odd USB Powerbank for when your phone dies at 3am midway through a friends episode; the one with all the cheesecake - season 7 episode 11, and you can't go and plug it in to the mains without waking everybody else up.

Mains Charging
So if you plan a long stay in one place be sure to book somewhere that has an electric plug in to run all your power requirements, but also to keep your leisure battery topped up for trips away.

Travel light.
You’ll probably need fewer clothes than you think and when packing, do it in bags, no suitcases.

Pillows make such a difference, it might be considered a luxury in respect of space, but waking refreshed as opposed to with a crick in your neck makes all the difference.

Pasta, but not every day

You have your gas stove with not one, but two gas rings. Gone are the days of a single gas ring and one pot meals, however some pre-trip menu planning for hot and cold meals are a serious consideration.

To see a Volkswagen Campervan interior and all the mod cons go here 

To check for availability and hire of the latest Volkswagen T6 generation campervan go here

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