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Best Fuel Saving Techniques

Wind up those windows! 
While the feel of the wind in your hair may feel great it doesn't come cheap. Travelling at high speeds with the windows rolled down jeopardises aerodynamics and results in your car using more fuel. The same concept applies to sunroofs and roof racks.

Check tyre pressure
When tyres start to deflate your car will begin to guzzle up more fuel. To avoid using unnecessary gas take the time to give your tyres a quick once over every fortnight.

Travel light For every extra pound you carry you'll be paying a premium on fuel, it's as simple as that. Rather than cart around unnecessary items such as golf clubs, ski boots, clothing and other bulky objects take the time to clear out your car and lighten your load.

Travel in the right gear
When your car revs are higher than they need to be you're essentially pouring fuel down the drain. Get to know your vehicle and learn the ideal times to switch gears.

Maintain a constant speed
The ideal speed for optimal fuel efficiency is around 50mph. Where possible try to stick to this as it will use as little gas as possible.

Avoid rush hour
Continuously stopping and starting is a guaranteed way to burn excessive fuel. Do everything you can to avoid travelling in rush hour and your wallet will reap the benefits.   Using these easy yet effective tips you'll be able to get from A to B using as little fuel as possible. As well as enjoying significant savings you'll also be doing Mother Nature a huge eco-friendly favour.